Fronted by a long, wide stretch of soft, golden sand, the triangular landscape structures feel thrillingly elemental.
The whole place seems to blend into a lush tropical beach setting. With furthest turquoise Andaman sea, this location retains a laid-back spirit.


 KOKULO BEACH CLUB designed by IF (Integrate Field)

IF is a Thailand based design office that believes in finding a specified question for each project, to understand its “core”, and develop the design based on that issue throughout the whole process.
With belief in this method, IF was founded by group of friends consisting of architects, an interior architect, a landscape architect and an industrial designer, intended to work together and gather aspects in as many fields as possible to create work from the integrated inputs as our core saying, "IF works in the Field of Integration".

It has been founded since July 2011 and still at its very first stage at the moment.

Visitors: 176,952